Within this website I explore whether there is a spiritual realm, a supernatural realm, containing God, mind, souls, consciousness with its contents (ideas, emotions, love, reason, etc) — this, from a purely philosophical and unreligious point of view.
In this article, I first assume there is a spiritual realm so as to explore the implications; then I present my conclusions elsewhere.

Living life to its full, and improving, from a self-help perspective, a life coach perspective. Christians spend a lot of time listening to sermons and studying the Bible in order to improve themselves. Everyone should be reflecting on their life and living, to improve, and to live the good life. Life should be lived in goodness and beauty, and it should be fulfilling.

Releasing negative emotions

What to do and think about someone you don't like (maybe a tailgater, or a relative who rips you off, or a government that also does). These cause negative emotions or anger when you reflect on them.

How to cure these negative emotions, to neutralize them?

What doesn't work: You can swear at the offenders under your breath. Or curse them. Or try to get even with them.

It is better to release these negative emotions in a more constructive manner, in a more mature manner; to convert these negative emotions into something positive, so your life is not consumed with negativity.

The answer: Do what the entertainment industry (including a fictional novel) does. Make up a compelling story. View the antagonist from a point of view making him/her/it into a good guy; but you just didn't realize the goodness due to your limited perspective. You will have to make up info since you don't know the true facts. So make up a fictionalized account that explains the badness such that, if you were in that same situation, you would do the same bad things also. Just as someone starving might steal bread and their starvation is caused by a wicked uncle who... blah blah blah.

Just don't ever really believe that a bad person is good. Bad people are bad. Even if there are circumstances surrounding their badness, they are still bad; their actions and words are still bad.

Running through the park

I was watching people running through the park thinking about how I used to do that. But I can't run anymore because of shin splints I got decades ago, and because I'm frail and weak from age, and because my partial hip paralysis won't let me.

Life changes from decade to decade, from year to year, from moment to moment.

As I ride my bicycle past a certain spot, it looks basically the same I suppose, but much has changed even between morning and afternoon of the same day (the lighting changes throughout the day every day); and certainly from day to day.

Maybe I notice something I never noticed before, maybe a bird is flying by. I'm in a different mood each time, or lost in my thoughts which change moment to moment, or having a different "feeling of being" which colors the experience.

People who base their identity on their past, who cling to the past, will be disappointed ultimately when it all slips away. This is true in old age as capabilities slip away leaving behind only the fading memories. I can imagine some people afraid to die because they identify themselves with the past and it will be gone.

No coffee

I tried a day without coffee see if it would solve three problems:

  1. Feeling antsy (it worked)
  2. Boredom (it worked)
  3. Hard time getting to sleep (it did not work)

So even though I mostly just sat there cuddling with my dogs, I didn't feel like I needed to be doing something. And when I did think of things that I could do (but usually didn't) I didn't feel like I failed somehow.

I conclude that boredom is when your mind is energized to think of things to do with an accompanying feeling of obligation (guilt?) to do them, without the energy or motivation necessary to trigger action. Boredom is from not being energized. Boredom is a mismatch between thought and energy level.

Without coffee, I still thought of things I could do but the obligation to do them was absent. I could enjoy the thoughts unhampered by the guilt.

Then the next day when I had coffee again I was super-energized. But not on the day after that; it was back to the old routine of coffee being only mildly motivational.

So now I realize I can intercept the thoughts to do things and remind myself I don't have even the slightest obligation to do something just because I think of something that can be done. It is OK to merely enjoy the thinking about doing things for its own sake.