What is the basis of science?

Within this website I explore whether there is a spiritual realm, a supernatural realm, containing God, mind, souls, consciousness with its contents (ideas, emotions, love, reason, etc) — this, from a purely philosophical and unreligious point of view.
In this article, I first assume there is a spiritual realm so as to explore the implications; then I present my conclusions elsewhere.

The scientific method is based on philosophy and, also therefore: the truth and knowledge obtained via the scientific method, these use philosophy.

The scientific method depends on:

  1. Philosophy, about what truth and knowledge is, and how you can ascertain it.
  2. Rational analytical humans that can observe and form trustworthy conclusions.

The values of science (from Richard Carrier):

  1. curiosity
  2. empiricism
  3. progress

The scientific method is part of the philosophy of science.