Within this website I explore whether there is a spiritual realm, a supernatural realm, containing God, mind, souls, consciousness with its contents (ideas, emotions, love, reason, etc) — this, from a purely philosophical and unreligious point of view.
In this article, I first assume there is a spiritual realm so as to explore the implications; then I present my conclusions elsewhere.

Free will and choice: as opposed to atheism and determinism. Materialists/physicalists must accept determinism; this, because they believe that potential free will agents (mind, consciousness) are generated by the physical brain. Maybe they could find a gap to insert free will in the randomness of quantum mechanics wave function collapse or in chaos theory; but in both, randomness would be the generator of free will choices. But how can randomness be truly referred to as free will?

Therefore, free will requires a conscious mind capable of choosing. There is no such thing in the typical materialist/physicalist view since consciousness is generated by brain function. True free will requires the existence of a spiritual realm having souls.

God is timeless

The Christian idea that God has no time, that God sees all events: past, present, future; as if they already occurred. I am objecting to this view:

Determinism. But if we have free will, how do we affect this panorama of events God sees? Do we live real-time within God's mind before he sees this timeless panorama of all events? (This just side-steps the question.)

But people past, present, and future are all doing these free-will events, meaning, somewhere there must be actual time occurring. Free will requires time because free will requires responding to previous events. But in the timeless God view, there is no opportunity for cause and effect.

The whole point of having souls and spirituality and religion and etc. is that we have free will. Materialist/physicalist science insists there is no free will, that everything is deterministic. But it happens instant by instant; a different kind of absence of free will than the view that God see all events past, present, future; as if they already occurred. In fact, the materialist science view at least makes sense, if you assume materialism. The Christian view is nonsense, it makes no sense whatsoever. Weird that atheistic science makes more sense than Christian teaching.

The only one

What I'm the only one of is, my views about the soul, God, the spiritual realm, and etc. I heard a scientist claiming there could not be a free-will soul because, in interacting with the body, energy would be injected into the neural circuits of the brain which would be detectable and which would render the soul as something physical (since it operates energetically like matter does).

But there is a way the free will soul can interact with matter without being detected. This, via the random location of an electron (for example) upon the collapse of the wave function. As long as the locations of many collapses satisfies the probabilities given by the wave function, any particular collapse can be directed by a free will soul (or by God).

Thinking about the implications of trying to direct behavior or evolution this way is interesting, but I'll not address it in this article. but rather, here.

Anyway, I seem to be the only person to have thought of this.