A theory of everything

Within this website I explore whether there is a spiritual realm, a supernatural realm, containing God, mind, souls, consciousness with its contents (ideas, emotions, love, reason, etc) — this, from a purely philosophical and unreligious point of view.
In this article, I first assume there is a spiritual realm so as to explore the implications; then I present my conclusions elsewhere.

An original unique hypothesis of mine about how God sustains the world, and the relationship between souls and matter. It explains miracles (if they even exist, which I doubt), quantum mechanics, how souls control their body and the physical environment, how God maintains the universe, and everything else.

I'm currently pondering how this hypothesis can be adapted to exclude God, souls, miracles, and a spiritual realm. (Probably it can't be.)

I provide no information about how this hypothesis could be tested or disproved.

A way this could work without God:

  1. Need to postulate a non-physical realm; call it the "Planck realm".
  2. The Planck realm contains the machinery for: (1) quantum fields, (2) time, (3) consciousness, (4) information, and (5) quantum entanglement.
  3. There is a cyclical alternation between reality expressed in the physical realm and the Planck realm; call this a "Planck Creative Frame". It happens at the frequency of the Planck time interval: 5.39 x 10-44 seconds. (Note: a trillion trillion trillion times a second is 10-36 seconds.)
  4. Reality manifests physically based on the conditions (the state) of the Planck realm.
  5. In the Planck realm, all the forces and energies interact and stabilize. These interactions occur faster than the speed of light, instantaneously, from one end of the universe to the other. Once things have settled down, the manifestation of the physical occurs.
  6. The information of the state of quantum entangled particles travels within the Planck realm (and therefore, faster than the speed of light).
  7. Consciousness is experienced in the Plank realm, as information changes. Information resides within the Planck realm.

The key ingredients:

  1. The universe is static from instant to instant; each instant is like a single still frame of a movie.

    This implies, I think, that time is in a different real than physical matter, and that the interactions of matter within time is perhaps a third realm.

  2. A trillion trillion trillion times a second (5.39 x 10-44 to be exact, the Planck time), God creates the entire universe out of nothing (a creative frame), then a brief moment later he/she allows it to dissolve.

    I suppose that without God, something like a quantum field would "create" everything out of nothing; or, the quantum fields disappear and then reappear.

  3. For each creative frame, God usually uses mathematics and the natural laws to determine where to place each particle (quarks, leptons, bosons, gluons).

    Mathematics in some way guides and controls the functioning of the universe.

  4. God uses the probabilities expressed by the quantum mechanics wave function in determining when to trigger wave function collapse and where to place the electron (for example).
  5. The souls of all creatures reside in the spiritual realm.
  6. During each creative frame, the souls of all creatures attach themselves to their body to gather data from the senses (actually, from the brain after it processes the sense data).
  7. Souls use this sense data to "calculate" and decide what they wish to occur in the future, in the next creative frame.

    Maybe this is the elusive "hard problem" of consciousness, the purpose of consciousness. Consciousness determines where to place the particles (but never violating the randomness of wave function collapse).

  8. We think the universe flows forward in time for the same reason we think a movie composed of still frames flows smoothly in time.
  9. In the spiritual realm our souls do journey smoothly forward in time.
  10. God allows spiritual beings to influence where he/she places objects for each creative frame.
  11. Most of the time, mere randomness of quantum mechanics will guide where objects are placed. Thus, under the influence of the randomness, tree branches fall and crush people.
  12. The soul of each creature negotiates with God concerning what it wants to happen, and God listens, modifying where he/she places objects accordingly.
  13. The influence of souls in this way explains the power of prayer and of blessings (if there even is such a power, which I doubt).
  14. The creative frames view explains miracles (if there even is such a thing, which I doubt). Even the most radical miracle never violates the natural laws because God is not obligated to use the natural laws in deciding where to place each object.

Some points to note:

  1. Time exists in the spiritual realm but not in the physical realm.
  2. God sustains the universe the same way he/she originally created it.

As Creator, God is continuously creating.

I suppose the creative frames view is a type of occasionalism: that God is the cause of all events; previous events do not cause subsequent events because matter cannot cause anything.

Origin of the idea

One day, unexpectedly, I had an insight into the nature of the universe, time, and the natural laws. For entertainment I had been studying Calculus and stumbled on something I already knew — that there are rational and irrational numbers between each pair of rational or irrational numbers no matter how close. I wondered if this holds in real space and whether there is some tiny distance at which space is not continuous — whether space is granular.

if space is granular then at some very tiny size, matter does not flow continuously from one location to the next as time progresses — it jumps across these very small spaces. Not only that but time also jumps; it is jerky, like a motion picture film which displays one frame at a time. At a very tiny interval of time, the subsequent moment in time does not flow continuously but jumps.

As I was pondering all that, the idea popped into my mind, the creative frames theory: that God creates and sustains the universe.

God creates and sustains the universe

The material universe is created (by God with the help of his/her created creatures) from scratch out of nothing (ex nihilo) each instant; a tiny interval of time later it dissolves. This, like a motion picture film composed of static images each illuminated for a brief moment of time then the screen goes dark for a brief instant.

Therefore, motion and time are illusions (but they exist in the spiritual realm, the realm of souls, as I will describe in a moment).

I refer to each of these creative acts of God as a creative frame. God chooses and wills where to place each particle, and out of nothing it appears. A brief moment later it disappears to be followed a brief moment later by another creative frame. Thus, God sustains the universe by the same creative power he/she used to create the universe the very first time.


This creative frames theory explains why mathematics seems to be controlling the activities of the universe. Mathematics is of the mind, in this case, the mind of God and the various souls who are calculating what they wish the next creative frame to be like. It's the only view I know of that explains mathematics to this extent.

In the natural universe we notice that objects obey the natural laws which for the most part can be described by mathematics. We usually think the natural laws are guiding the material objects of the universe but, in my view, God uses mathematics and the natural laws (which he/she also created) to determine where to place each object, each elementary particle, in each successive creative frame. I always wondered why mathematics seemed so cosmic and why it could be used to describe the universe.

Quantum mechanics

The bizarre effects of quantum mechanics are completely explained by the creative frames theory.

For example, quantum mechanics implies that the electrons circling around a nucleus of an atom do not travel in a continuous path. The best we can know about their motion is that for each point around the atom there is a certain probability that we will find the electron there when we look for it; this is the probability field.

In the creative frames theory God uses a probability field equation to determine where to place the electron for each creative frame. There is no need for electrons to travel in a continuous path at all: they can appear in one place in one creative frame and on the other side of the nucleus in the next.

God chooses at which moment an atom will experience radioactive decay. For each particle, he/she chooses when to do this based on the half-life for that kind of particle. Similar for the location of a particle when the quantum mechanics wave function collapses.

Particles can pop into existence whenever God chooses.

Our experience that objects move in a continuous motion is just an illusion as when we watch a motion picture film and believe we are seeing continuous motion. The soul is the observer who watches each creative frame and interprets the differences from one frame to the next as motion. In addition the soul has access to the "script" God uses in determining where to place each object; it knows something of God's plan and purpose and uses that information to interpret what is going on.


Time is spiritual, not physical. Since each creative frame of the universe is unrelated to each other creative frame, there is no causality within the physical universe. The physical state of the universe at one instant does not influence subsequent states of the universe. All causality exists in the spiritual realm, in the mind and volition of God. Thus, each event occurs because God wills it, not because of the influence of previous events. God is in total control, instant by instant.

We perceive time in the universe because our souls experience time in the spiritual realm and extrapolate this experience of time to the sense perceptions of the physical universe. But time itself is an attribute of the spiritual world, not the physical world.

Physical time is an illusion; time in the physical universe doesn't exist. The time that does exist is the time within which the soul resides in the spiritual realm (there is time in the spiritual realm). Thus the soul experiences change. One moment the soul has one set of experiences and the next instant the soul experiences a new set of experiences. The soul is capable of noticing the differences and interpreting them. Thus, what we think of as time as a property of the physical universe is actually time as a property of the spiritual realm. The physical universe has no time. The fourth dimension of space-time is an illusion.


The soul has a continuous existence. It exists in the spiritual realm and experiences a flow of time. Because the soul is currently constrained by the body it experiences things via the senses and interprets them using the powers of the soul. It sees the state of each creative frame and interprets changes as motion. It even provides meaning for these changes: this movement occurred because of such-and-such.

God allows his/her created souls to participate in this creative activity.

We can influence God through our will and desires, through prayer and other forms of supplication. God loves us and wishes to grant us the desires of our hearts and so he/she modifies what he/she creates in each creative frame based on our wishes. In this sense it can be said that God's will is done without violating our free will. We participate by influencing God.

I think there is another aspect to this. I think God gives us authority and stewardship over certain aspects of the physical universe (and over other created beings in this universe). He/she allows us to directly participate with him/her in each creative frame: our souls actually create some part of the physical universe in each creative frame. Some souls have greater authority than others (and a corresponding greater responsibility) and thus create more objects in each creative frame.

I suppose this creative power is merely one appetite of the soul; I don't know whether animal souls have this power or not. Certainly humans and angels have this power.


The creative frames theory explains why God allows evil in the world. When he/she creates souls he/she gives them free will and he/she gives them a certain piece of the universe over which they have control.


The creative frames theory explains various aspects of other religions. Thus, the universe is an illusion as Hinduism and Buddhism teach. Desire is the source of pain and suffering as Buddhism teaches.


All aspects of the material universe which appear to be random are actually controlled by God. Examples: (1) the decay of a radioactive particle — when it decays and which direction the resulting particles and energy travel, (2) where particles are after the quantum mechanics wave function collapses, and (3) complexity of chaos theory which is seemingly random.

Therefore, there is no such thing as randomness in nature. All phenomena considered random are not random at all, such things as: (1) the timing of when a radioactive substance will decay, (2) the direction of the resultant particles and energies, and (3) so-called random mutations in which biological chemical process misbehave or are interfered with by radiation.

God's will

God has a plan and purpose for deciding the form of the universe in each instant.

This is micromanagement to the extreme. I can't imagine why God would wish to be burdened with all this.


Miracles are easy to explain with the creative frames theory (if there even is such a thing, which I doubt). There is no violation of the laws of physics for objects to suddenly appear in unexpected locations since these laws merely provide a guide that God uses in determining where to place each object — but he/she is under no obligation to place them there.

For example, in one creative frame God could create the earth on the opposite side of the sun so that it was suddenly winter instead of summer. This would not violate the natural laws because God merely uses these natural laws as a guide for where he/she usually places objects during a creative frame. All the objections about why a certain miracle can't occur because it would have physical consequences are therefore meaningless. For example, God can create a rock hovering in mid-air without any concern for how it could displace the air occupying the same space a moment before. The air in that space is recreated in every creative frame and God is under no obligation to create this soon-to-be displaced air from one instant to the next.

God can suddenly create bone in a person's body to restore their health if he/she wishes to. He/she can suddenly repair irreparable nerve damage. There is no limit to God's miraculous creative power.