What is it? 

Within this website I explore whether there is a spiritual realm, a supernatural realm, containing God, mind, souls, consciousness with its contents (ideas, emotions, love, reason, etc) — this, from a purely philosophical and unreligious point of view.
In this article, I first assume there is a spiritual realm so as to explore the implications; then I present my conclusions elsewhere.

Mind can be both conscious or unconscious. It is currently unknown what brain processes cause reason and judgment.

According to my hypothesis, the mind resides in the spiritual realm.

I often hear atheists claim there is no way for a spiritual being to interact with and change events in the physical. I found a way: quantum mechanics provides a possible interface between the physical and spiritual.

Writer's block

I study calculus for fun. I was working on a pre-calculus problem and couldn't understand the answer given in the answer guide (this, after trying to figure out the answer for weeks and finally gave up trying and looked at the answer). For day after day, week after week, I couldn't comprehend even the answer.

Then in one instant when I looked at it again, I understood it and even realized the writer of the answer guide didn't completely solve the problem. He merely assumed the answer to be true for one aspect of the problem.

How weird it is that I suddenly went from being stupid to being incredibly smart with nothing to trigger it except time passing.

I've noticed something similar when writing songs. Sometimes I don't seem inspired, then suddenly one day, for no reason, the creativity flows. Writers' block.


Certain sounds trigger interest in my dogs. For example, coyotes howling or other dogs barking. It seems that their brains were prewired or preprogrammed with this; they didn't merely learn it somehow. But this doesn't seem possible if the memories of these sounds and their corresponding response are stored in the brain because there is nothing that would build those neural networks or whatever having that specific content.

I suppose one day biologists will learn about how this occurs.

Immanuel Kant talks about how some things are preprogrammed within the capability of reason, so I'm not the first to notice this.

These memories could reside within the spiritual realm where they are fully formed and associated with the soul of the dog. Then all the brain would have to do is trigger its link to the preprogrammed dog memories and the brain would develop with this information at hand.

Sort of like Carl Jung. There are preexisting archetypes we tap into.

Being a dog

When I was in junior high school (now called middle school) we had a tree in the front with a fork in the truck maybe 8 feet above the ground. I hooked a rope over it and attached a used automobile tire to it and used it as a swing. It hung against the trunk of the tree so I could go around like a tether ball with my feet bouncing against the tree trunk as if I was rappelling down a cliff, and do spins and sometimes bump my head. I used to do this for hours at a time, trying to perfect the moves. Can I spin three times, can I bounce really far away from the trunk, can I go clockwise then counter clockwise endlessly in a smooth motion. It was pure bliss.

Similarly for a dog. He/she is completely absorbed by the experience of running, or barking, or whatever. No thoughts of the future or how there may be a collapse of global civilization in the future. Purely a body experience, a bodily satisfaction, not much mental going on.

The present creates the future

Whatever activity you do, that frames your life going forward, at least for the near future. For example, if I'm studying calculus, then I'm thinking about calculus. If I'm going to church, then I'm thinking about church.

If you want to be something in the future, if you want to have a certain reality, then do that now, and that will provide the framework for the future reality.

Ideas are connections

Ideas are connections and interactions between information embedded within the neural network of the brain.

Trying to figure out what ideas are without saying they reside in a supernatural spiritual realm.

Ideas contain information about mental processes (which are brain processes).

Some kinds of ideas are closely connected to the physical phenomena: for example, photons interact with the eye sending messages (information) along the optic nerve to the brain which performs various processing. At some point in this, mind and consciousness engage with the information, and this is the realm of ideas.

Other kinds of ideas are merely grouping of other ideas. Pondering about morality is an example of this. Structures upon structures of the brain processing information.

Ideas are the certain kinds of combining and organizing of structures and connections of information embedded in the functioning brain. Science has barely begun to understand this.

Our rich conscious experience is composed of trillions upon trillions upon trillions of these kinds of neural connections within the neural network of the brain. And so also is the functioning of the mind, which may be non-conscious in its functioning.

The information is embedded within the physicality of the various components. For example, the photon has a certain wavelength and exists in a certain quantum state. The nerve messages are flowing electrons and moving atoms. The brain itself is a structured collection of nerves with various connections between them. The information of ideas are embedded within these brain structures.