Feeling of being

An idea I briefly mentioned elsewhere but didn't explore.

About the mental changes from day to day, and hour to hour, even minute to minute.

If I'm paying attention, reflecting carefully on things, I notice that moods and attitudes change all the time.

Someone (usually a politician) says something stupid and it annoys me. Now I'm annoyed. Or someone walks their dog where I walk my dogs and doesn't clean up their dog's mess.

Or my dogs are cuddly and furry and warm and snuggly; a nice pleasant "feeling of being". But then a noise, and they scratch my legs and arms as they frantically jump away barking hysterically.

Sometimes I get an idea of something I want to do, and maybe even write it down. Days later I discover the note about it, and can barely remember what prompted me to think of doing such a thing.

I think the purpose of life is living life moment to moment, enjoying each "feeling of being". But sadly, there seems to be no utopian goal in life. There are unhappy moments. For some, there is sheer misery and torture for all their days.

But we can enjoy the good moments, and strive to increase the number of good moments, and to increase the enjoyment of these good moments.

I suppose if there are too few good moments, life isn't worth it. For someone permanently in a concentration camp and tortured daily and starved. Or for someone old and suffering with very few moments of peace.

But meanwhile, trying to put aside stupid thoughts, and disturbing dream images, and malingering bad attitudes caused by others' stupidity.

Enjoying being conscious and having a pleasant "feeling of being"; that is the point of living.

I feel like I have still not talked adequately about the subject of the "feeling of being".