Richard Carrier

For a while now, I've been viewing YouTube videos of Richard Carrier, and reading his blog.

After I de-converted from Christianity, I finally encountered Richard Carrier.

He is the smartest person in the world. His analysis about everything is correct.

I'm not fond of the swearing culture; I like him better when he sounds scholarly. It is his style, to boldly say it like he sees it, calling everyone liars all the time (he's right: they are liars).

I like how he cites sources, properly vetted sources, those that are peer-reviewed from experts in the field. I agree that people who have signed a contract to never oppose Christian doctrine should be rejected as experts.

I wonder if he has climbed out too far on a limb assuming that the gospel writers were borrowing from themes in the Hebrew Bible and Homer as the basis for their fictional stories. But in thinking about it some more, where else would they get their ideas, being as early Christianity was based on Judaism?