Who, what, and why

Within this website I explore whether there is a spiritual realm, a supernatural realm, containing God, mind, souls, consciousness with its contents (ideas, emotions, love, reason, etc) — this, from a purely philosophical and unreligious point of view. I first assume there is a spiritual realm so as to explore the implications; then I present my conclusions.

I am not a Christian. (I completely and wholeheartedly reject it; it is utter nonsense. And since, having totally abandoned it, I am embarrassed by the five decades I wasted believing it.)

I am a non-theist. (Atheist merely means "not theist" but has historical derogatory implications.)

I embrace secular humanism (called merely "humanism" by some, but I don't advocate for all varieties of humanism).

I do not subscribe to the teachings or doctrines of any religious or spiritual group.

I accept provable truth and reject provable error. (There's a lot in between.)

I am not any of these following by occupation: historian, archaeologist, scientist, psychologist, Bible scholar, philosopher — but have a science background, and a B.A. degree in Social Science with emphases on history, psychology, economics, political science, sociology, institutional studies.

I am a philosopher (not affiliated or accredited by anybody).

My sources for truth: (1) modern science, and (2) philosophy, psychology, and other social sciences.

My spiritual history

It dragged on for many decades:

  1. Atheist (my default view growing up, since my dad was one — even though he committed to Christ as a teenager when a Baptist in the U.S. south, but became "enlightened" in college), then...
  2. Yoga, eastern philosophy, new age, (beginning as a sophomore in high school) then...
  3. Christian (fundamentalist evangelical Protestant, then much later, Catholic), then...
  4. One by one rejected everything Christian.
  5. Tried to maintain belief in a spiritual realm but was forced to reject it (for reasons explained in this website), and so...
  6. Non-theist / secular humanist. (And I must accept that: the reason of why there is consciousness and suffering is forever unknowable.)

Odds and ends

For more ramblings, visit my blog. Also, jesus316 on ChristianForums, and spirtual-philosophy on ReligiousForums.

I don't think of God as gendered, but there is no word in English for a person without reference to gender; so I use he/she.

When I first started this website I postulated the existence of a spiritual realm containing God, souls, mind, consciousness with its contents, and etc. But as a result of subsequent analysis and reflection, I abandoned this view. Rather than rewrite the whole thing with my new view and lose the thoughts I originally had, I instead add comments (and also the "Conclusions" articles).